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Wealth Managers Creating Custom Built Investment Portfolios

At Rev Capital, LLC, we build customized investment portfolios tailored to your needs, financial goals, and current financial circumstances. No templates. Nothing cookie cutter. No one-size fits all. Every portfolio we design, implement, and manage is custom tailored to your needs. 


We strongly believe in independent advice and that is why we are fee-only investment advisory firm. We do not sell products. We do not take commissions. We do not have marketing agreements or anything else that would cloud our judgment or incentivize us to do anything other than give you the very best advice we have to offer.  

Wealth Accumulation

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Have you switched jobs and left an old 401k lying around?

Are you trying to decide whether to invest more or pay off your house?

Has divorce or death of a loved one left you with financial challenges you did not expect?


Most people plan to retire and live on their nest egg, but are you on track to properly build that nest egg? The decisions you make in your 30's, 40's, and 50's are the ones you'll live with in retirement. The investment returns gained in your prime working years are just as important as the returns you'll see in retirement. As Generation X business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of wealth accumulation and we are here to help.



Protecting Your Retirement

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You've built your wealth. Now your wealth should work for you.  


Protecting your retirement is a core part of our services. If you have a portfolio of $1,000,000 investable or greater, you should have a completely custom portfolio.  No models.  No set and forget by your advisor.  You should have a portfolio custom built to satisfy your goals and concerns, integrated with your estate plan, and fitted to your living, giving, and tax situation.  You don't need a product like an annuity. You need a plan developed by professionals guided only by your best interests.

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Grow Your Wealth

Wise Investments, Regular Savings

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Protect Your Retirement

Plan for the Future, Outpace Inflation

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Investing FAQs

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Fee Only Investment Management Firm In East Cobb

We are a Fee Only Investment Management Firm in East Cobb, Georgia, and thanks to our industry leading technology, we serve clients throughout the United States.


We have low fees to keep your money working for you, not your advisor. We don’t earn commissions and we don't sell you products.  We earn our fees by managing your money, and your quarterly reports detail every penny of compensation we get for providing you with our services.  Our incentive is to pick the very best investments we can find for your portfolio because our wealth grows as your wealth grows.  Give us a call at 678-456-5546 or fill out our online form to get more information.  We are always happy to provide a free review of your portfolio or current estate and legacy planning.